Welcome to My Holistic Health Clinic, a home-based practice owned by Mahesh Adhikari. With more than 15 years' experience in therapeutic remedial massage and ayurvedic training, Mahesh designs and delivers a holistic program of treatment, diet and lifestyle to suit your personal needs.

Clients often start with the highest quality massage and progress naturally to protocols that deal with underlying issues that affect their individual health.

These protocols include

  • ayurvedic assessment and program design
  • advanced massage therapies to rebalance the body and gradually bring it back to homeostasis
  • whole body detox
  • diet and lifestyle support.

Common concerns we treat

Stress, anxiety, insomnia, headache, migraine

Arthritis, joint pain/muscle tightness

Neck, shoulder, and back pain

Sciatica, disc degeneration, bulging

Tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis

Sinus, tinnitus, dry/itchy eye

Chronic fatigue, tiredness, low energy

Obesity/digestion/ metabolism

Sports injuries and aid to recover damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissue.

*Conditions we treat are not limited to these. Please contact us for more information.